4-Cycle Engine Oil / 10W40-SJ Wt, Twelve 32 oz. bottles


Meets the specifications of engine manufacturers requiring SJ and SH high quality engine crankcase oils, 12 bottles per case, Size: 32 fl. oz. bottle, Recommended for use in small air-cooled 4-cycle engines such as lawnmowers, garden tractors, tillers, generators and others, Provides long lasting engine protection, Oil Weight: SAE 10W40-SJ, Contains Zinc, Stens oil is specially formulated for small engines. Zinc is included in Stens oil to reduce internal engine wear and increase engine life.

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Kawasaki 99969-6296

Competitor: JThomas OL-50, JThomas OL50, ENGINE OIL SAE 10W40-SJ, ENGINE OIL 10W40-SJ, ENGINE OIL 10W40, Rotary 15685

Fits Model: N/A


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