2-in-1 Mulching Blade / MTD 942-04053C


Packaging Type: Branded label, Width: 2 1/2 ", Length: 17 7/8 ", Specially designed: to replace 6 pt. star center hole, Center Hole: 6 pt. star, Thickness: .149 "

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: MTD 742-04053B, MTD 742-04053A, MTD 742-04053, Cub Cadet 942-04053C, Cub Cadet 942-04053B, Cub Cadet 942-04053A, Cub Cadet 742-04053A, Cub Cadet 742-04053B, MTD 942-04053C, Toro 112-0316, Craftsman SPM199562627, Cub Cadet 490-110-C123, Cub Cadet 742-04053C, Cub Cadet OCC-742-04053, Massey Ferguson 742-04053B, MTD 942-04053, MTD 942-04053A, MTD 942-04053B, Cub Cadet 490-110-M126, Cub Cadet 742-04053, Cub Cadet 942-04053, Cub Cadet OEM-742-04053, Troy-Bilt 942-04053B, MTD 942-04053-X, Cub Cadet 942-04053H

Competitor: Rotary 11480, Home Depot 525759, Sunbelt B1CC1422, Sunbelt B1SB11507, Rotary 12809, Partner Ref. PR3055007, Lowe's 16137, Lowe's 317700, Outdoor Factory Parts 430277, Stens 325-183, Rotary 11507, Ratio Parts 022-968, NHC 212-0449, NHC CC1423, Oregon 98-086, Outdoor Factory Parts 578431903, Prime Line 7-044069, Oregon 198-086, Sunbelt B1CC1423, EG/F1 1104191, Central Spares-UK 742-04053C

Fits Model: Cub Cadet 17AA5A7P710, 17AA5A7P712, 17BA5A7P712, 17BA5A7P710, 17BA5A7P709, 17AI2ACP710, 17AI2ACP709, 17AI2ACP756, 17AI2ACP010, 17AI2ACP056, 17AI2ACP256, 2008; 13VR91AP010, 13VR91AP009, 17R2ACP056, 17RI2ACP256, 17AI2ACP010, 17AI2ACP056, 17AI2ACP009, 17AI2ACP256, 13AQ11BP756, 13AQ11BP710, 13RQ11BP756, 13AQ11BP010, 13AQ92AP010, 2009; 13AF91AP010, 13WF91AP010, 2010 and older; 13VR91AP010, 13WR91AP010, 13VR91AP009, 13WR91AP009, 17AI2ACP010, 17AI2ACP056, 17WI2ACP010, 17WI2ACP056, 17VK2ACP010, 17VK2ACP009; 17BK2ACP010, 17BK2ACP009, 17WK2ACP010, 17WK2ACP009, 13WQ92AP010, 13AQ92AP010, 2010;17WF9BKP010, 13WQ91AP009, 13WQ91AP010, 13WQ91AP210, 13AQ91AP010, 13WF91AP010, 13WF91AP056, 13AF91AP010, 17AI2ACP010, 17WI2ACP010, 17WI2ACP056, 17AF2ACP010, 17WF2ACP010, 17WF2ACP009, 13WQ92AP010, 13WS92AP010, 2011; 13AQ11CP709, 13AQ11CP712, 13AQ11CP710, 13AP11CP710, 13AP11CP709, 13AP11CP756, 13RP11CP756, 13AQ11CP009, 13AQ11CP010, 13RQ11CP056, 13RQ11CP256, 13AQ11CP056, 13AQ11CP256, 13AP91AP010, 13AP91AP056, 13RP91AP056, 13WQ91AP009, 13WQ91AP010, 13WQ91AP056, 13WI91AP010, 13WQ92AP010, 13WS92AP010, 13WS92AP056, 13WI93AP010, 17AF9BKP010, 17AF9BKP056, 17AF9BKP009, 17WF9BKP010, 17YI2ACP010, 17YI2ACP056, 17YF2ACP010, 17YF2ACP009, 2012; Requires 3 for 50” deck; MTD 50" deep deck, 2005 and newer, RZT-42; 13AP615P755 and 13AU615P755, 2005; 13AA625P004, 17AE2ACG004 and 17AF2ACP004, 2009; 13AR91PP099, 13AA925P004, 17AF2ACP001, 13AR91PP099 and 17AC2ACG055, 2010; 13AP925P004, 2011; 13AA625P004, RZT-50, 2008 and 2011; 17AF2ACP004, 2009-2011; requires 3 for 50" deck; Toro GT2100 and LX500, 2006; GT2200, 2006 and 2007; and SL500, 2007; requires 3 for 50" deck


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