Air Filter / Caterpillar 938717


OD: 6 ", Includes sealing washer, Height: 12 1/2 "

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Caterpillar 938717, Allis Chalmers 1004652, Allis Chalmers 1004652-2, Allis Chalmers 1140887, Allis Chalmers 3044713, Allis Chalmers 3046858, Allis Chalmers 4009078, Allis Chalmers 4021443, Allis Chalmers 4021443-5, Allis Chalmers 4059252-6, Allis Chalmers 4059292, Allis Chalmers 4059292-2, Allis Chalmers 4861641, Allis Chalmers 4907733, Allis Chalmers 4909733, Allis Chalmers 638274, Allis Chalmers 80110141, Case A34445, Case A34545, Case A37975, Case A40866, Case A40871, Case A42278, Case D36261, Case D37975, Case D50917, Case D80480, Case E70807, Case S37975, Case XA14747C, Case XA74015, Case XB10702, Case XB14747C, Case XB47447C, Case XC14747C, Caterpillar 3I0396, Caterpillar 3I0806, Caterpillar 3I0932, Caterpillar 686911, Caterpillar 687744, Caterpillar 814648, Clark Equipment 1624567, Clark Equipment 1902215, Clark Equipment 392090, Clark Equipment 6681474, Clark Equipment 888936, Clark Equipment CHF-14205, Ditchwitch 195735, Ford 2701E-9K600, Generac 65234, Hitachi 988972, John Deere 21X11987A, John Deere AH20488, John Deere AH20488H, John Deere AT18426T, John Deere AT18526T, John Deere AT44377, Kawasaki 30980-70020, Kubota 16097-49441, Massey Ferguson 1025569M91, Massey Ferguson 1420377M91, Massey Ferguson 1884769M1, Massey Ferguson 240737M91, Massey Ferguson 5066645M91, Massey Ferguson 722360M91, Toro 69-1900, Vermeer 2150-001, Vermeer 2150-007, Gehl 131852, Gehl L120054, Lull P17276, Bobcat 6681474

Competitor: Baldwin PA1681-FN, Donaldson P181054, Champ Labs LAF1246, Wix 42126, Fleetguard AF1918KM, Fleetguard AF409K, Napa Gold 2126, Wix 42142, Napa Gold 2142, Baldwin LL1681-FN, Atlantic Quality Parts AF7021

Fits Model: Bobcat 963, 963G, A300 Turbo, S220, S250, S300, T250, T300 and T320 Loaders; Case 403, 450, 475, 600SK, 615, 680B, 680C, 715, 780, 780CK, 850, 850B, 850C, 855C, 880, 880R, 970, 1000, 1010, 1030, 1150, 1150A, 1060, 1160, 1660, 1665 Special, 2140 and 2150; Caterpillar E110 3FG-on, E120 1LF-on, E140 1NF09041-on Excavators, DP40, DP40K, DP40KL, DP45, DP45K, DP50, DP50K and DPL40 Fork Lifts; Clark C500-Y100 (Y1015), C500-Y110 (Y1015), C500-Y120 (Y1015), C500-Y135 (Y1015), C500-Y150 (Y1015), C500-Y155 (Y1015), CMP50D, CMP50SD, CMP55 Series, CMP60 Series, CMP70 Series, CMP75S Series Lift Trucks, 35R, 45B, 55AWS, 55R, 65 and 65R Loaders; Ditchwitch HT100, R100 and RT100 Trenchers; GEHL 552 Dynalift, 553 Dynalift and 663 Dynalift; Genie GTH4010 Telehandler; JLG 1200SJP, 1250AJP, 1350JSP and 150HAX (Boom Lift); John Deere 244E, 340D, 440C, 440D, 448D, 540, 540A and 540B; Vermeer 1230, 1250, 1600, CC135, FlexTrak 75, M475, M475A, M485, T400, T400A, T400B, T600, T600A, T600B, V450 and V5800


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