Air Tool Lubricant / 12 Btls/1 Qt


Complex blend of pure petroleum oils and additives especially formulated to combat rust and varnish, Size: 1 quart bottle, Allows air tools to run easier and last longer, Priced per case, sold per case, Packaging Type: OEM package, Excellent for locks, air tools or anything exposed to moisture, Order 1 to receive 12, 12 bottles per case, Does not contain harmful solvents, Excellent protection against water and fortified with anti-seize agents, Coats the working parts with a cushion of water-proof lubricants that resist “blow-out”, enabling it to lube the tool, not the floor, Designed to dissolve corrosion and rust without drying

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Lucas Oil 10200

Competitor: Oregon 4067V

Fits Model: N/A


Item 051-601 is considered an oversized item and will ship actual freight.

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