Carburetor Kit / Zama RB 27


Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Zama RB-22, Zama RB-27

Competitor: Sunbelt RB-22, Prime Line 7-07199, Laser 48039, Laser 40712, Tilton ZRB22, Tilton ZRB27, Oregon 49-838, Oregon 49-890, Oregon 49-897, Oregon 49-890-0, Rotary 13262, NHC 203-5868, Napa 7-07199, Sunbelt B1RB27, EG/F1 5205118

Fits Model: Echo SV-4, HC1500 and SRM2301; Zama C1U-K10A, C1U-K12, C1U-K21, C1U-K22, A; C1U-K23, A-B; C1U-K30, A; C1U-K31, A-B; C1U-K35, A; C1U-K45


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