Electric PTO Clutch / Xtreme X0065


ID: 1 ", Replaceable Pulley Bearing, Uses belt width: 1/2 " or 5/8", Super Smooth "Xtreme Precision" Machined Pulley, Diameter Pulley: 6 ", Installation: To prevent premature clutch failure, follow the instruction sheet included with the clutch, Cool Coil Technology, High Temperature Bearing Upgrade, Direction: Counter clockwise, Integrated Water Tight Wire Harness

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Cub Cadet 917-1774C, Cub Cadet 717-1774C, MTD 917-1774C, MTD 717-1774C, Warner 5219-25, MTD 917-05001, Cub Cadet 917-05001, Troy-Bilt 917-05001, Troy-Bilt 917-1774C, Cub Cadet 717-1774, Cub Cadet 717-1774B, Cub Cadet 917-1774, Cub Cadet 917-1774B, MTD 717-1774B, MTD 717-1774, Troy-Bilt 717-1774, Troy-Bilt 717-1774B, MTD 917-1774, MTD 917-1774B, Troy-Bilt 917-1774, Troy-Bilt 917-1774B, Xtreme X0065, Bolens 717-1774, Bolens 717-1774B, Bolens 717-1774C, Bolens 917-05001, Bolens 917-1774, Bolens 917-1774B, Bolens 917-1774C, Huskee 717-1774, Huskee 717-1774B, Huskee 717-1774C, Huskee 917-05001, Huskee 917-1774, Huskee 917-1774B, Huskee 917-1774C, Craftsman 717-1774, Craftsman 717-1774C, Craftsman 717-1774B, Craftsman 917-05001, Craftsman 917-1774, Craftsman 917-1774B, Craftsman 917-1774C, White 717-1774, White 717-1774B, White 717-1774C, White 917-05001, White 917-1774, White 917-1774B, White 917-1774C

Competitor: Oregon 33-104, NHC 281-0297, Sunbelt B1EC52, Sunbelt B1XT0065, Rotary 12424

Fits Model: Cub Cadet GT1054, GT1554, GTX1054, GTX1554, LGT1050, LGT1054, LGTX1050, LGTX1054, LT1024, RTZ54, SLT1550, SLT1554, SLTX1550 and SLTX1554; Troy-Bilt GT2246, GT2554, GTX2446, GTX2654, Big Red and TB2654


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