Electric PTO Clutch / Xtreme X0459


Diameter Pulley: 7 3/16 ", Uses belt width: 1/2 " or 5/8", ID: 1 1/8 ", Replaceable Pulley Bearing, Cool Coil Technology, Super Smooth "Xtreme Precision" Machined Pulley, Heavy Duty "FatBoy Series" Upgrade, Direction: Counter clockwise, Upgraded to 3 Layer "Xtreme TOUGH" Integrated, Water Tight Wire Harness

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Dixie Chopper 500012, Warner 5218-253, Exmark 109-9275, Xtreme X0459, Warner 5218-107, Warner 5218-140

Competitor: JThomas 5218253

Fits Model: Dixie Chopper Run Behind, Silver Eagle LT and Silver Eagle SE series; Exmark Lazer Z HP, Serial No. 720,000 and higher


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