Front throw reel mower 7-blade with grass catcher (5 HP)


  • All Mclane Front-Throw Reel mowers are made in the USA and feature induction heat-treated "armor-Plate Reel" and bed knife for the ultimate in precision and reliability. 
  • McLane mowers are equipped with Touch-A-Matic engine clutch controls for smooth and easy operation, along with roller drive for positive traction. 
  • All McLane wheels and reels use ball bearings. 
  • The unique diverter fins design guarantees clean, even grass loading into the high-density polyethylene catcher (included). 
  • All McLane front throw reel mowers incorporate both belt and chain drive for reliable and consistent results.
  • They feature a penetrating bedknife to deter thatch buildup and an easy spin recoil starter. Mclane mowers comply with all Federal Safety Standards.
  • These mowers are ideally suited for all Bermudas, St. Augustines and Boysia grasses.

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Vendor: McLANE