Oil Filter / John Deere RE541420


Height: 6 ", OD: 3 7/8 ", Made in USA, Thread: M92x2.5-6H

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: John Deere RE541420, John Deere RE507522, John Deere RE504836, Kohler GM32809, Gehl 102173, Gehl 102178

Competitor: Baldwin B7322, Champ Labs LFP4836, Wix 57750S, Napa 7750S, Napa Gold 7750S, Napa 7750, Napa Gold 7750, Carquest 84750S, Carquest 84750, Donaldson P550779, Wix 57750, JThomas FF-0517

Fits Model: Ditchwitch RT75 (w / John Deere Engine) and RT 95 (w / John Deere Engine); GEHL 1083 Dynalift (w/John Deere 4039 eng.), 663, 883 Dynalift (w/John Deere 4045 Engine), AL730 Loader (w/John Deere 4045T eng.), DL11-44 Dynalift (w/John Deere 4045T Engine), DL11-55 Dynalift (w/John Deere 4045T Engine), DL12-40 Dynalift (w/John Deere 4045T Engine), DL7-44 Dynalift (w/John Deere 4045T Engine), DL9-44 Dynalift (w/John Deere 4045T Engine), RS10-44 (w/ John Deere 4045T eng.), RS10-55 (w/John Deere 4045T Interm 4 Engine), RS6-34 (w/ John Deere 4045T eng.), RS8-42 (w/ John Deere 4045T eng.); Genie GTH1048, GTH1056, GTH636, GTH644, GTH842 and GTH844 Telehandlers w / JD4045 Tier II Engines; John Deere 210K, 210K EP, 210LJ, 310G, 310SG, 315SG, 310G, 310SG, 315SG, 310J, 310SJ, 310K,315K EP, 310SK,310SK TC, 315SJ, 410J, 410K, 410K TC, 710G, 710J Backhoe Loaders, 605C and 755D Crawler Loaders, 450J, 550J, 550K, 650J, 650K, 700H, 700J, 750J, 764 Dozers, 120C, 120D, 160C LC, 160D LC, 160G G LC, 180G LC, 200C LC, 200D LC, 240D LC, 270C LC, 270D LC Excavators, 360DC, 360DG, 460DC, 460DG, 540G-III, 540H, 548G-III, 548H, 640G-III, 640H, 643J, 648G-III, 648H, 748H, 843J, 848H Skidders, 3220, 3420, 3800 Telescopic Handlers, 5070M, 5080M, 5090M, 5080G, 5090G, 5090GH, 5080GF/GV, 5090GF/GV, 5100GF/GV, 5080R/RN, 5090R/RN, 5100R/RN, 5083E,5083E Limited, 5083EN, 5085M, 5095M, 5105M, 5090G, 5093E,5093E Limited, 5093EN, 5100GF, 5100GV, 5100M, 5100MH, 5101E, 5101E Limited, 5101EN, 5115M, 5115ML, 5603, 5625, 6100D, 6105R, 6110D, 6115D, 6115M, 6115R, 6120, 6220, 6125D, 6125M, 6130D, 6140D, 6130M, 6140M, 6215, 6415, 6230, 6330, 6430, 6230, 6230 Premium, 6320, 6420, 6330, 6330 Premium, 6403, 6430, 6430 Premium, 6603, 6615, 6715, 7130, 7130 Premium, 7220, 7230, 7230 Premium, 7320, 7330, 7330 Premium, 7420, 7430 Premium, 7520, 7530 Premium, 7630, 7730, 7720, 7830, 7930 Tractors, 344J, 444J, 444K, 524K, 544J, 544K, 624J, 624K, 624KR, 644K Loaders; Vermeer BC1500 w / John Deere 4.5L Engine and T558 w / John Deere 6068HF275 Tier III Engine


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