Pro L.P.C Diesel Additive / 32 oz. bottle


Order 6 for complete case, Unique, multifunctional diesel fuel additive, 32 oz. bottle treats 192 gallons of diesel, Allows use of diesel fuel in low temperatures, Mitigates the effects of ULSD fuel, Improves engine performance, Combines a lubricity enhancer with a cetane booster, plus a pour point depressant that lowers pour point by as much as 30° F., Ideal for use with all diesel fuel in all diesel engines, Can be safely combined with Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment/diesel formula to greatly improve all diesel fuels, Size: 32 fl. oz.

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Star Tron 95532

Competitor: Sunbelt B1AC95532

Fits Model: N/A


Item 770-867 is considered Hazardous Material and can only be shipped ground carrier.

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