Rolled Lift Blade / Gravely 02961600


Length: 14 1/2 ", Packaging Type: Branded label, Center Hole: 5/8 ", Width: 2 1/2 ", Thickness: .203 "

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: Gravely 02961600

Competitor: N/A

Fits Model: Ariens Zoom XL with 42", 48" and 54" deck; Dixie Chopper LT1800-34, LT1800-44, LT2000-44, LT2500-44D, LT2700-60D, LT2300-50D, LT2200-34, LX2401-42, RB2700-34, N4218, RB2700-50, SE2734, SE2744, X1701-50, X2000-50, X2001-50, X2002-50, X2200-50, X2202-50, X2400-50, X2500-50, X2502-50, X2503-50, XF2200-50, LX2002-42, RB2700-44, XF2300-50, XF2700-50, LT2500-50D, XW2000-60, XW2002-60, XW2200-60, XW2202-60, XW2500-60, XW2502-60, XK2503-50, LX2000-42, LX2001-42, LX2400-42, XF2200-60 and XF2500-60


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