Spark Plug / NGK B6HS


Order 4 for complete carton, Plug Type: Standard, Packaging Type: OEM package, Boxed individually

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OEM Cross Reference: NGK B6HS, NGK 7534, John Deere AM37234, Stihl 1108 400 7000, Carlton SPC8, Subaru 065-01400-31, manufacturer item 7534

Competitor: Rotary 2536, Foley/PLP 174-204, Edgewater SPW20FSU, ESF 174-204, Green Line 52318, Laser 30013, Mow More NGB6HS, Bynorm 375-B6HS, Oregon 77-202, JThomas B6HS, Oregon 77-321-1, NHC 268-5546, Oregon 77-321, Sunbelt B1B6HS, Central Spares-UK 39055, GHS 4109

Fits Model: Club Car GOLF CARTS -- with Kawasaki 8.2 HP engines; Honda GAS ENGINES -- F28, F400, 4.0/G40, G41, G42,6.5/G65, GS65, G80; Kawasaki GAS ENGINES -- 2.4/KF24, 4.0/KT43, 5.0/KF53D,DA; Robin GAS ENGINES -- EC05-2, EC07, EC07-2, EC25, EC37-3, 2.5/EC06, 6.0/EH18-VX, EH18-VX-2, EY10,EY13, EY13-2, EY14, EY18, EY18-2, EY18W, EY12W, EY25W (gasoline), 3.5/EY15, EY15V, 5.0/EY20, 6.0/EY20V, 7.5/EY28, 7.8/EY44, 16.0/EY21(twin); Tecumseh GAS ENGINES -- OHM120 SPEC 220000 to 223999,OHSK110 SPEC 222999 and below, OHSK120 SPEC 222999 and below, OHSK130 SPEC 222999 and below, OVM120, OVXL120 SPEC 202700 to 202999, OVXL125 SPEC 202700 to 202999; Wisconsin GAS ENGINES -- W1-145, W1-185, W1-18-3W (gas), EY44W, WO1-115, WO1-150, WO1-210, WO1-300,WO1-300V, WO1-340, WO1-340V, WO1-430V, WO2-510, WO1-560, WT1-125V, W1-145V, W1-185V, W1-450V; Yamaha GOLF CARTS -- G1 thru 1982


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