Spindle Assembly / MTD 918-04608A


Height: 7 5/16 ", OD of Pulley: 5 1/2 ", No threads in housing, use self-tapping screws, Specially designed: to fit 6 pt. star spindle shaft, Includes pulley, nut and grease zerk

+Additional Information

OEM Cross Reference: MTD 918-0671B, Cub Cadet 618-04608A, Cub Cadet 618-0671D, Cub Cadet 918-04608A, Cub Cadet 918-0671, MTD 618-0671, MTD 618-0671B, MTD 918-04608A, MTD 618-04608, MTD 618-04608A, MTD 618-0671D, MTD 918-0671, Massey Ferguson 618-04608A, Massey Ferguson 618-0671, Massey Ferguson 618-0671B, Massey Ferguson 618-0671D, Troy-Bilt 618-04608A, Troy-Bilt 618-0671, Troy-Bilt 618-0671B, Troy-Bilt 618-0671D, Troy-Bilt 742-04053B, Troy-Bilt 918-04608A, Troy-Bilt 918-0671, Troy-Bilt 918-0671B, Cub Cadet 618-0671, Cub Cadet 618-0671B, Cub Cadet 918-0671B

Competitor: Oregon 82-519, Rotary 12612

Fits Model: Cub Cadet GT1054, GT1554 and RZT54; MTD 14AA815K004, 14AK945K004, 14AW94PK099 and 17AF2ACK004


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