Tire / 9x3.50-4 Smooth 4 Ply


Provides the greatest amount of traction with the least amount of turf damage, Designed to meet the demands of the outdoor power equipment industry, Tread designed for variety of terrain, Ply: 4, Tread: Smooth, Rim Size: 4", Maximum surface contact for a smooth roll and soft traction, Max PSI: 50, Type: Tubeless, Tire Size: 9x3.50-4, Max Load Capacity: 230

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OEM Cross Reference: Kenda 074040450B1, Carlisle 5120101, Exmark 1-513808, Scag 48006-02, Bobcat 118123, Scag 481774, Kenda 20641007

Competitor: JThomas KD-9354, Oregon 68-131, Sunbelt B1KT5, Rotary 908, Prime Line 7-04836, Foley/PLP 184-383, Edgewater 09/350-4SM, Edgewater 860425, ESF 184-383, Green Meadow T354, Green Line 12245, Laser TOE205, Laser 92321, Quality 559354, Mow More T98, Dealer Choice 9354-4SM-I, Oregon 58-131, NHC 222-0390, Sunbelt B1SUT548, Napa 7-04836, Oregon 70-226, TIRESIZE 9x3.50-4, TIRESIZE 9-3.50-4, TIRESIZE 9x3.50x4

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