Tube / 2.80x2.50-4


Advanced extrusion technology ensures consistency and eliminates thin walling problems common with other tubes, Manufactured by one of the world's largest tube manufacturers under ISO 9001 certification, Higher percentage of butyl rubber for greater elasticity, insulation, air tightness and resistant to high/low temperatures, Individually pre-aired and inspected utilizing advanced technology to ensure conformance to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) specifications, Stem Angle Type: 90 degrees/TR87, Tube Size: 2.80x2.50-4 (9x3.50-4, 8x3.00-4)

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OEM Cross Reference: Lesco 050502, Carlisle 320030

Competitor: Rotary 8694, Foley/PLP 184-901, Edgewater 880405, ESF 184-901, Green Meadow TU9, Green Line 12200, Laser TOE229, Laser 92325, Martin Wheel T9354, Quality 532005, Quality 542804, Mow More TS068, Prime Line 7-08750, Prime Line 7-08751, Rotary 6571, Dealer Choice T9354, Oregon 71-109, Oregon 71-401, JThomas TU-2804, Dealer Choice T254, NHC 223-2849, Napa 7-08750, Tubesize 2.80x2.50-4, Tubesize 2.80-2.50-4, Tubesize 2.80x2.50x4, EUROGARDEN 7402292

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