Ultimate Lubricating Fluid / 11.75 oz. aerosol can


Size: 11.75 fl. oz. aerosol can, Deep-penetrates to loosen frozen bolts; displaces moisture; prevents further corrosion of rusted surfaces, Packaging Type: OEM package, Dielectric formula is ideal for forming a barrier against moisture and corrosion on battery terminals, junction blocks and wiring, Ideal for use on snowblowers, hedge trimmers, lawn mower decks, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, cars, outboard engines and more, Forms a micro-thin film that “seals” the treated surface for long-lasting lubrication and protection against corrosion, CERFLON® nanoparticles bond to treated surfaces for long-lasting lubricity of all metal moving parts, Can be applied to all metal parts to prevent grass, dirt, hay, snow, ice, dirt and more from adhering

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OEM Cross Reference: Star Tron 098212

Competitor: N/A

Fits Model: N/A


Item 770-809 is considered Hazardous Material and can only be shipped ground carrier.

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